Custom Rigid Endoscopes




MediVision, specializes in manufacturing custom, private labeled rigid for medical and industrial applications. We offer a complete single source solution for all of our OEM’s visualization requirements. From concept, to design, to manufacturing, MediVision can deliver a complete clinical prototype in 10-16 weeks. During production, our in-house regulatory team will provide all necessary documentation, packaging and labeling for the device to be delivered directly to your inventory. Our 100% inspection will guarantee that every scope you receive will be as good as the next. We offer a 12 month guarantee on all of our products.

MediVision also has a complete service center on-site. With a guaranteed 48 hour turnaround you are going to get back the same scope you originally purchased.

Rigid endoscopes are Guaranteed for autoclavability for 1 year.

Featuring soldered Sapphire scratch resistant windows and innovative rigid rod lens systems, ensuring the reliability you need.

Our rigid scopes offer the whitest, brightest image. Higher light fiber density ensures more light at the operative site, while our sophisticated lens systems provide optimum performance, image quality and optical efficiency.

All MediVision endoscopes are designed and manufactured in the USA.


Diameter: 1.9 to 10mm
Angle of  View: Rigid: 0º, 12º, 30º, 45º, 70º
Field of View: Rigid: 70º to 105º+