We repair most manufacturers and models; however, listed are the most common cameras and couplers we see on a day to day basis. In addition, we do repair camera control units, light sources, printers, etc.

  • Stryker http://medivisionusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Stryker-988-300×225.jpgr 988, 1088, 1188 & 1288
  • Storz Tricams (autoclave & non autoclave) , Image 1’s (autoclave, non-autoclave & HD)Stryker 988
  • Dyonics ED3 & 460
  • Olympus OTVS-6 & OTVS-7 versions autoclave & non autoclave
  • Linvatec IM3330 & IM4120

We will send you a quote on the repair with actual estimated charges. If you need a no charge loaner while repairs are being made please arrange it with your local representative, or call us to see if we have one available.

Please Note: MediVision strives to offer significant cost savings by pricing units based on combinations of repairs method verses individual repair pricing.

For example: ED3 that requires a cable replacement, IR filter replacement and head fluid removal. Due to the camera head being opened to replace the IR filter we would not charge an additional fee to remove the fluid. If we were to price them out separately the cost would be significantly higher.

All cable replacements carry a six month warranty! All other repairs carry a ninety (90) day warranty.

Turnaround time for non-autoclave camera heads is typically 3-5 days if it arrives clean and sterile (see form below), 10-14 days for autoclaved camera heads if it arrives clean and sterile (see form below).  All other repair turnaround times are given at time quote is issued. Units that have been altered or improperly sterilized may take longer to repair.

Camera and Light Source Service Order Form