MediVision continuously upgrades its system to provide the very best in quality repairs. Many other repair facilities use the same technicians to repair and test the scopes. MediVision employs a separate department developed to control and maintain the highest quality and workmanship of service. Our Quality Control Department utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art instruments to measure and inspect different optical and mechanical properties of endoscopes.  As part of the quality control process, we perform the following tests on every rigid endoscope:

▪ Mechanical characteristics of the scope, such as the length and straightnessRague

▪ Optical distortion and field curvature

▪ Optical resolution

▪ Optical angle and field of view

▪ Optical transmission of the system

▪ Hermaticity

▪ Fiber optics data, such as angle and light transmission efficiency.

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